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Really, Who Am I?

Name: Nadia
Nickname(s): Naddy
Age: 20
Location: Singapore
Choose three adjectives that describe you: Compassionate, intelligent, resilient
Choose three adjectives that describe your weaknesses: Hot-tempered, stubborn, impetuous
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel? Why? Pride and Prejudice, I find it to be very well-written.
Who is your favorite Jane Austen character and why? Elizabeth Bennet or Elinor Dashwood. The former is witty and lively, while the latter always places other people's needs and interests above her own and tries to take all things in her stride.
Do you agree with the quote, the course of true love never did run smooth? Explain: Yes. Just because someone is your soulmate and may, in fact, be your ultimate destiny, does not mean there is not a lot to go through before you reach that destiny.
What do you like to do in your spare time? Read, write, spend time with friends, watch movies, shop, bake, watch soccer.
Please explain the origin/meaning of your username: The Laendler is an Austrian folk dance.
Are you close with your family and if so, which members? Yes, my dad...and my mum although we don't get along very well, I tell her a lot about what goes on in my life. And my cousin whom I talk to quite a bit although we don't live in the same country.
Describe for us what your house/apartment/bedroom/dorm room looks like (and post pictures if you’d like): My house is pretty big, with a garden. We used to have lilies outside, but they had to do some drain work so now it's been replaced with pavement.
What city or country have you never been to but would like to visit and why? Spain! I've always liked it, it seems like such a vibrant and interesting country. Other places I'm dying to visit: Prince Edward Island, Italy, Austria, USA, Switzerland.
Aside from fictional characters, who is someone you admire, and what do you admire about them? My grandmother, she believed in looking for the good in others, and she was a strong woman.
What do you love most about your closest friends and what makes you so close? I love that we can talk about anything, without reservation. We have fun together and we like the same things.
What really upsets you? People who lie, discriminate, ostracize or look down on others.
If a friend takes you to a party where you know no one else, how do you act? Enjoy the party, especially if the music and food are good. I would hang out with my friend and get to know his or her friends.
What valuable mementos do you keep from childhood or from your past? Photos and my diary, both are like pieces of the past.
Post at least 3 pictures of your self:
Anything else? Nope.
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