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really, who am I?

Name: Whitney
Nickname(s): Whit
Age: 22
Location: Northern California
Choose three adjectives that describe you: independent, creative, compassionate
Choose three adjectives that describe your weaknesses: shy, stubborn, demanding
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel? Why? Pride and Prejudice, I love the cleverness of the language
Who is your favorite Jane Austen character and why? Anne Elliot, I love how she transforms into a shy, plain woman into a passionate, brave lady
Do you agree with the quote, the course of true love never did run smooth? Explain: I do, in real life, things never go as perfectly as they are planned, but this makes the conquest and the ending all the more happy and wonderful
What do you like to do in your spare time? read, write, draw, hike, play with animals, explore, I love doing anything outside
Please explain the origin/meaning of your username: it’s nothing fancy, just my initials and my last name
Are you close with your family and if so, which members? I am; my brother are opposites, but we get along well now that we’re older. I’m also close to my parents, usually in a good way.
Describe for us what your house/apartment/bedroom/dorm room looks like (and post pictures if you’d like): I have three large bookshelves overflowing with books, an antique desk that is more pretty than serviceable that my mother insists that I use, my bed is by my window, I have framed pictures on my walls – less posters nowadays, it’s a little messy right now, but I go through cleaning frenzies about once a week or so.
What city or country have you never been to but would like to visit and why? I would love to travel the UK, I’ve never been and I think it would make so many books just mean so much more
Aside from fictional characters, who is someone you admire, and what do you admire about them? I admire Queen Elizabeth II, she’s a wonderful woman and a strong leader. I’ve always loved everything about her and I hope she’s around a whole lot longer.
What do you love most about your closest friends and what makes you so close? I have a smaller group of very close friends. Most of them, I’ve been friends with since elementary school – so we just understand each other very well. We get very goofy together. I don’t make friends easily, so I cherish the ones I do have.
What really upsets you? People who read over your shoulder, criticism, sarcasm, tailgaters, loud chewers, cruelty, obnoxious people.
If a friend takes you to a party where you know no one else, how do you act? This is like my worst nightmare – I hate these kinds of things. I would stick like glue to my friend, try to talk to other people , and basically be miserable the entire time.
What valuable mementos do you keep from childhood or from your past? I have a lot of books and toys from my childhood filling up boxes in the garage, but favorite possession is Big Bear, a giant, stuffed bear that I’ve had since I was born.
Post at least 3 pictures of your self:
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Anything else? Thanks for the votes!
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