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Really, who am I?

Name: Lauren
Nickname(s): Little Mermaid
Age: 18
Location: FL
Choose three adjectives that describe you:  Friendly, motherly, loving
Choose three adjectives that describe your weaknesses: Insecure, introverted, stubborn
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel? Why? Emma. She really does try to help, but just muddles things up
Who is your favorite Jane Austen character and why? I love them all so much. I couldnt say
Do you agree with the quote, the course of true love never did run smooth Explain: I do. Regardless if its personalities, or outside forces, people have differences. Therefore, no matter how wonderful things are, there will always be diffivult times.
What do you like to do in your spare time? Reading, singinging, listening to music
Please explain the origin/meaning of your username: my ex boyfriend
Are you close with your family and if so, which members? just my grandfather and uncle tom because they are very similar to me
Describe for us what your house/apartment/bedroom/dorm room looks like (and post pictures if you’d like): 

What city or country have you never been to but would like to visit and why? The Greek Isles. They look so pretty and full of history and interesting people
Aside from fictional characters, who is someone you admire, and what do you admire about them?
Christina Agularia. I admire her voice, and her commitment to music and staying true to herself.
What do you love most about your closest friends and what makes you so close? Im really only close to my bf. Were so close because were soul mates and love each others flaws
What really upsets you? Ignorance, idiots, and rudeness.
If a friend takes you to a party where you know no one else, how do you act? Like a wallflower. I hate social settings
What valuable mementos do you keep from childhood or from your past? My baby blanket. I couldnt sleep without it til I was 8?
Post at least 3 pictures of your self:


Anything else? Nope
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